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Will Your Car Accident Claim Go To Court?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

A common concern among many car accident victims is whether their claim for compensation will be resolved through a negotiated settlement or escalate into a courtroom battle. Most people prefer to avoid the complexities of navigating the legal system due to the uncertainty of the outcome and the emotional toll it can take.

The good news is that your car accident claim does not have to go to court. A significant majority of such claims are settled without going to court. If you can agree on a settlement offer with the liable party or their insurer and sign a liability release form, it can be a quick route to compensation.

However, there are instances where litigation is the best way to help ensure that you get justice and protect your legal rights.

When going to court may be necessary

Settlement negotiations may fail, and the compensation package could be too low to cover your damages. Alternatively, there may be disputes regarding your degree or fault for the crash, or the other driver may be uninsured. In such instances, settling the matter in court may be the most viable option.

Other factors that may sway the decision between settlement and litigation include the severity of your injuries, resulting damages and the strength of your claim.

Making informed decisions can help protect your interests

Ultimately, deciding between a settlement and a courtroom battle rests on carefully considering the unique circumstances surrounding your claim. While settlements can offer swift closure, going to court can provide a platform for a more comprehensive examination of the case.

Seeking experienced legal guidance to assess your claim and help you understand your legal options can help you arrive at a fair resolution of your claim.