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4 ways trucking companies contribute to wrecks

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2023 | Personal Injury

Establishing liability after being involved in an accident caused by a truck can be challenging yet necessary. Several factors can contribute to a trucking accident, which means that different parties may be responsible. And the company may be one of them.

The following are four situations that may put a trucking company at fault for an accident.

1. Substandard hiring practices

Truck drivers should meet certain qualifications to ensure they can be safe on the road. Further, trucking companies should train drivers to understand their trucks and learn about the safety practices to observe when working. A company that puts unqualified and/or untrained drivers behind the wheel endangers other road users.

2. Questionable payment systems

The system a trucking company uses to pay drivers may motivate aggressive behaviors on the road. For instance, a driver who is paid by miles may speed to complete more miles. On the other hand, one who is paid a percentage of the load may ask the loading company to overload to make more money per trip. Trucking companies should consider using a payment system that doesn’t encourage unsafe behaviors or have adequate benefits for drivers.

3. Unrealistic expectations

Some trucking companies, especially those with few drivers, may take excess orders and expect drivers to complete them in a limited time. A driver may fail to rest, working for extended hours to meet such expectations. This can lead to drowsiness when driving.

4. Improper vehicle maintenance

Regular maintenance, including repairing and replacing worn parts and conducting inspections, keeps trucks in good condition. A company that fails to maintain its vehicles increases the chances of accidents.

A trucking company may be responsible for an accident that meets these factors. If you are injured in a trucking accident, get professional help to maximize the compensation you receive.