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Can you recover from a traumatic spine injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Personal Injury

People who’ve suffered traumatic spine injuries from a vehicle collision or slip-and-fall accident often have their lives dramatically changed. They may not be able to walk like they used to, there may be constant pains when they try to move and they may have even lost sensation in their limbs.

A traumatic spine injury can permanently disable people. Many people want to know if there are ways to recover from their spinal injuries. However, you should first understand what type of injuries you may suffer following an accident:

3 kinds of traumatic spine injuries

Following a minor accident, many people may suffer from stiffness and pain in their back. However, a traumatic spine injury can lead to the following health issues:

  • ● Herniated disc: The spine is cushioned with liquid sacks, each located between the vertebrae. If these sacks burst, then it can lead to a herniated disc, which can lead to severe pain and nerve damage, often causing people to struggle to bend over or sit up.
  • ● Fracture: It’s possible that, after an accident, the spine suffers from a dislocation. A spine fracture can lead to people struggling to walk and may cause constant pain.
  • ● Paralysis: Because of a spinal injury, signals from the brain can’t be sent to limbs, resulting in paralysis. Possibly the most severe kind of traumatic spine injury, paralysis leaves people unable to feel or move certain limbs.

Receiving care after a spinal injury

Many people have to seek medical attention following a spine injury wherein they may undergo x-rays, CT scans or an MRI. Following that, their medical professionals may give them possible treatments, medication, surgeries or therapy to recover from their injuries.

However, most medical treatments and the medical attention needed to study the injury can leave people with large amounts of medical debt. As such, people who’ve suffered a personal injury should understand their legal options when seeking compensation for their injuries.