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Could your child’s Christmas gift cause them an injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

It’s just over a week until Christmas day, which is an exciting time for the family. If you have young children then they’ve probably provided you with a list of things that they would like as gifts. Different types of toys may be at the top of this list.

On the face of it, toys seem harmless. Unfortunately, the reality is that thousands of kids suffer toy-related injuries every year. Recognizing some of the more common risks could help to protect your children.

Choking hazards

Many toys consist of small parts. Part of the fun with these types of toys can be assembling them and taking them apart again. This is such a fun activity because it’s something that you and your child can enjoy together. The downside of such toys is that they can be choking hazards. Choking is the leading cause of toy-related fatalities among young children.

Exposure to chemicals

At the end of the day, toy manufacturers are in business and they look to make the largest possible profits. To cut down on costs, factories may use cheap products to construct their toys. This can be dangerous if the toxicity of these materials is not monitored closely. Toy manufacturers have to always keep in mind that the people using their products are not adults. They are children with sensitive skin who may place toys in their mouths when playing.

Manufacturers have a duty to adhere to laws on safety. When hazards are present, you should also be provided with adequate warnings. If your child has suffered a toy-related injury, be sure to seek some legal guidance.