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What Is Strict Liability In Personal Injury Law?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

Some of our most serious personal injury cases at the Meyer Injury Lawyers are defective products that happen to fall under the strict liability umbrella in personal injury law. Having an intimate understanding of strict liability, why it exists, what cases qualify, and how to navigate a case of this nature is vital.  And not all personal injury attorneys have enough education or experience in this specific area of personal injury.

When an individual is injured, there are not only financial and physical repercussions of that injury, but oftentimes, the emotional toll is just as significant. So, it’s incredibly important for the injured persons and their family to recoup their losses.

What is Strict Liability and What’s the Purpose?

There are three types of personal injury cases: Negligent, Intentional, and Strict Liability. Strict liability holds an entity (person or company) liable for damages caused to another person without having to prove negligence or intentionality.

Let’s look at dog bites for example. If a dog bites a person and injures them, it’s usually not because the owner is irresponsible, negligent, etc.  Sometimes bad things just happen; however, whether the dog bite is the owner’s fault or not, the owner is still liable for those damages.

In other words, strict liability is a way to protect the consumer or bystander by holding someone accountable for injuries.

What Are the Most Common Strict Liability Cases?

Strict liability cases assign fault to a person or company, even if the said entity hasn’t been negligent or intentional. The most common cases of this nature are Defective Products and Dog Bites.

How Much Can Be Recovered In These Types of Personal Injury Claims?

At Meyer Injury Lawyers, we have settled many cases that range anywhere from $50,000 to settle for $1.59 million for our client who suffered injuries from a defective product. The factors that determine how much your attorneys can and will fight for include medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress or anguish.

We see firsthand how difficult it is for a family to suffer these types of injuries. We fight hard to ensure our clients achieve full physical, emotional, and financial recovery.